Only matched cells with high cycle life and low impedance are used in our battery packs.
The cells have excellent performances as high safety level, good temperature characteristics and have several safety certifications


The cells are connected by professional spot welding methods.
The battery pack's internal construction can withstand shock and vibration levels that can occur for EV applications and transport.
The battery pack is mounted in a strong and very durable powder coated stainless steel case.


The HP and HE series use cells with NMC chemistry which have a high Energy density.
The new HF series are based on LFP cells with high power density.
The LFP (LiFePO4) cells have the highest degree of safety.
For a long life our batteries have a waterproof IP65 construction.
Some of our batteries have already been certified for UN38.3 transport regulations.

Battery management system

The Battery Management System is a very important part for the safety and performance of the Lithium battery.
ACES Energy designs their own BMS which is optimized for every battery.
To reach the highest level of performance, quality and safety, ACES engineers use computer simulations to test and analyze all functions in advance.


A very important function of the BMS is the balancing of the cell voltages.  When the cells are closely balanced all the time it will improve the safety and lifetime of the battery. Our BMS for NMC cells have an almost continuous balancing system with relatively high balancing currents. Many lithium batteries don’t have the continuous balancing, but balance at the end of charge with small current, and when they are not charged to 100% the cells are not balanced. Because of the continuous  balancing the battery will be charged faster to 100%, because all cells reach at the same time the final charge voltage.
For LFP cells have a completely different behaviour and the balancing is done above the knee voltage during the charging process.
The protection functions in the BMS are designed in a redundant way, which means if one protection fails another protection can take over.


Another important feature of our BMS is the extremely fast electronic short circuit protection which is backed up by an additional fuse. Because of the electronic protection customers don’t have to worry about replacing fuses for external short circuit conditions.


Several temperature protection functions protect the battery and BMS for overheating.