Only A-grade matched cells with high cycle life and low impedance are used in our battery packs.
A-grade cells have a better cycle life as lower B or C grade cells due to the best consistency.
The cells have excellent performances as high safety level, good temperature characteristics and have several safety certifications.


The cells are connected by professional spot and laser welding methods.
The battery pack's internal construction can withstand shock and vibration levels that can occur for EV applications and transport.
The battery pack is mounted in a strong and very durable powder coated stainless steel case or in a strong ABS case.


The HF series (HFP, HFC, HFA, HFX) are based on LFP cells with relatively high energy density.
The LFP (LiFePO4) cells have the highest degree of safety and no risk of fire or combustion.
For a long life most of our batteries have a waterproof IP65 construction.
Most of our batteries have already been certified for UN38.3 transport regulations.

Battery Management System (BMS)


ACES Energy designs their own BMS which is optimized for the battery.


The Battery Management System is a very important part for the safety and performance of the Lithium battery.
A very important function of the BMS is the balancing of the cell voltages.  When the cells are closely balanced it will improve the safety and lifetime of the battery. Therefor the capacity over the lifetime is optimized to the maximum.
Another important feature of our BMS is the extremely fast electronic short circuit protection which is backed up by an additional fuse. Because of the electronic protection users don’t have to worry about replacing fuses for external short circuit conditions. Several temperature protection sensors protect the Cells and BMS for overheating or charging below zero degrees.